I wear many hats, but they are all necessary pieces that fit together in one nice puzzle. I am a Certified Health Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor, Executive Functioning Coach, and Corporate Wellness Specialist.

After moving from New York to Boulder (previously I had mainly focused on nutrition and fitness), CO in 2013, I began to meld my passions for physical and mental wellness developing expertise in the significant and well-documented connections between the brain and the microbiome (a.k.a. the gut). I then journeyed down the path of how mental illness often coincides with a deficit in executive functioning. I began helping people by combining a wellness approach with teaching skills to build better executive functions and habits. 

My personal journey and extensive training over more than 2 decades, plus my work with many colleagues in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, have resulted in the proven success of helping people get healthier, more self-confident, and improve their day to day lives. My kitchen in Boulder, CO is always stocked because I love to cook and to share my passion for wellness with my family and friends!

After receiving my B.S. from Cornell University where I began my own personal journey towards wellness, my newly discovered passion led to my formal training in New York City as an Accredited Health Counselor at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as honing my culinary skills at the Natural Gourmet School and Pratt Institute.

I then earned my Personal Training Certification at the American Fitness Institute, my Yoga Certification through MyVinysasaFlow.com, and my Corporate Wellness Certification from Vital Advantage Corporate Wellness Consulting. I continue to consistently expand my expertise with continuing education courses on topics including family therapy, anxiety, depression, panic, integrative psychiatry, ADHD coaching, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.


My passion is to help you live your healthiest and most harmonious life, but in a way that's realistic and practical for you as a unique individual on this planet. My philosophy is all about "balance," never a diet since a diet is not sustainable for life, aka Kill The Diet.

Balance is what leads to harmony, and ultimately to happiness…and isn’t happiness what we’re all seeking? Balance does not mean deprivation and guilt, because you can still indulge if you learn how to avoid over-indulgence. This applies to many things in life beyond food. It is also applicable to daily habits, both good and bad.

To discover your natural balance, you need some tools and resources:

  • You need a roadmap so you know where you're going.
  • You need a blueprint so you know what to do.
  • You need a guide to show you how to do it, hold you accountable…and be your biggest fan and cheerleader during your quest!

Tri-Wellness is all of the above and integrates the three essential pillars of wellness:

  1. Nutrition and Fitness - Helping you tweak your food and exercise choices…so you can still enjoy your favorites without deprivation or guilt.
  2. New habit formation - Helping you implement new habits in a manageable way... so you can put your new plans into action.
  3. Sustainability - Helping you stay organized and accountable...so you can make lifelong changes you feel good about.

I assure you that anyone can learn these skills and strategies. So even if you can’t boil water, keep a tidy living/work space, or hold a yoga pose...you can do this. Tri-Wellness works. Tri-Wellness is life-changing. Tri-Wellness is fun! Try wellness the Tri-Wellness way and discover how to build your foundation! You’ll be amazed at the results.


Danielle D, Great Neck, NY

Lisa’s weight loss plan really gave me a new insight to healthy eating and living. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2015. Healthy living/easting/exercise has become very important to me and my family and this program really helped me get even more on the course with this and helped me lose weight.

Danielle D

Dr. Gila Ackerman, PsychiatristBoulder, CO

When I heard about the 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit, since as a physician, I understand nutrition and health (and therefore knew the dangers of fad diets, etc…), and I do my best to exercise (though not always enough).

But as a single mother of 2, it’s still very challenging ti “fit in all in” (including cooking healthy meals for my children) due to my busy schedule. And when my time is short, bad habits crop up and weight gain follows.

Dr. Gila Ackerman

Chessie F, Boulder, CO

Lisa has made an enormous contribution to my health and strength.

I have seen and felt the most fantastic changes in an amazingly short time.

Chessie F

Colby E, Boulder, Colorado

I just wanted to say you were amazing through this 10 day process!

I learned so much from you! You were very thorough in all areas of the challenge and got back to us in such a quick manner with our questions.

It was a great jump start into a more healthy life style that’s for sure!

Colby E

Phyliss S, Spring House, PA

I LOVE the recipes, simple, few ingredients, appealing.

I like the idea of using the list of staples you provided when i was tempted to cheat!

Phyliss S

Ali S., Boulder, CO

I worked with Lisa to develop a holistic wellness plan that has allowed personal growth without having to completely change my lifestyle. Her programs are designed around your personal needs, so I always feel like I've gotten the most from my sessions and leave with manageable goals. Lisa's three-prong approach to wellness (fitness, nutrition and health) is helping me live a balanced and grateful life.

Ali S

Personal Tri-Wellness

  • Learn to eat in a healthy way that never makes you feel deprived (and is sustainable for life). Never diet again!
  • Get fit (at your own pace) with customized personal training.
  • Discover your ideal mix of nutrition, fitness, and healthy cooking to achieve balance and happiness in your life.

Corporate Tri-Wellness

  • Reduce costs associated with healthcare and absenteeism by providing customized corporate wellness programs.
  • Empower your employees to be healthier, more energized, and more productive for your organization.
  • Boost employee morale by demonstrating your care for their wellbeing.

Festival Wellness Program

  • Keep fans limber, loose, and full of energy by offering wellness classes and workshops.
  • Attract great talent by offering wellness programs to festival artists and their families.
  • Boost festival employee and crew morale by offering yoga and relaxation classes so they can re-energize.

Executive Functioning Coaching

  • Conquer your organizational challenges and feel relaxed in your daily life.
  • Never be late again for appointments, work, or family obligations.
  • Create a realistic budget that doesn't make you feel strapped.