I LOVE the recipes, simple, few ingredients, appealing.

I like the idea of using the list of staples you provided when i was tempted to cheat!

Phyliss S.Spring House, PA

Lisa has made an enormous contribution to my health and strength.

I have seen and felt the most fantastic changes in an amazingly short time.

Chessie FBoulder, CO

I just wanted to say you were amazing through this 10 day process!

I learned so much from you! You were very thorough in all areas of the challenge and got back to us in such a quick manner with our questions.

It was a great jump start into a more healthy life style that’s for sure!

thank you so much!

Colby EBoulder, Colorado

I’ve been through the ringer with different dieting plans through the years. Some helped me lose weight and some didn’t – but it didn’t matter because I would always gain it back.

I didn’t know if this 10 day Weight Loss Challenge would be the answer since everyone says they have the “BEST” way to lose weight.

But this one seemed to be more doable – like instead of starving myself, keeping track of calories (“been there done that – VERY annoying!”) and things I know I wouldn’t stick to.

Also because of how much support Lisa said she would give me.

But still those were all just words on a page, and I may not have tried this Challenge if Lisa didn’t offer a money-back guarantee.

So I went ahead still kind of skeptical but knowing there was no risk (well – besides my time but I’ve put time into so many “diets” so I am willing to risk that).

My results: I lost 4 pounds in the 10 day Challenge. And then I lost a few more the next 10 days after the Challenge.

I’ve been through this before, but then ended up disappointed when the weight came back.

But this time it was different, because I didn’t feel deprived and my new habits are really HABITS instead of changes that don’t really STAY changed!

I’m just as excited that I’m not suffering through it!!

I can’t even believe I used to suffer so much through these diets and then just gain back the weight anyway!

I’m still making gradual changes as I go and have more weight to lose, but it’s soooooooo much easier because I’m not really TRYING to lose weight.

I’d be lying if i said it takes zero effort, but it’s so much easier to make sure my new habits stick without dealing with PAIN or hunger, or some wacky cleanse, or not being “ALLOWED” to have bread, and other nonsense I’ve been through.

At times I can’t believe I finally found THE way to lose weight. But then I look at the mirror and i look at the scale and I am very happy!

I’m so glad I did this.. THANK YOU LISA!!

Jill WIsland Park, NY

I gained a lot of weight after being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2015. Since then healthy living/eating/exercise has become very important to me and my family.

The 10 day Challenge was a savior for me!

Lisa’s weight loss plan really gave me new insight into healthy eating and it helped me lose the weight I gained during my very tough medical challenge.

I’m also saving about 2-3 hours per week cooking Lisa’s recipes (so simple that my cooking-phobic husband was pitching in when I didn’t have the energy!).

Danielle DGreat Neck, NY

Lisa, you have been a very positive role model for me!

Through the exercise and diet I’m becoming healthy and more positive about my life!!!


Melissa BBoulder, Colorado

When I heard about the 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit, since as a physician, I understand nutrition and health (and therefore knew the dangers of fad diets, etc…), and I do my best to exercise (though not always enough).

But as a single mother of 2, it’s still very challenging ti “fit in all in” (including cooking healthy meals for my children) due to my busy schedule. And when my time is short, bad habits crop up and weight gain follows.

So I was seeking a solution to realistically change some habits that I could adhere to in the long run – and that wouldn’t disappear during the busier times and cause me to gain weight.

When I saw that the Challenge was geared specifically towards Busy Moms, (including our unique time constraints!) I decided to take the plunge.

I’m thrilled I did! Lisa’s passion to help Busy Moms lose weight and keep it off shines through every detail of her program. She really “walks the walk” in terms of he support, always replying to my many questions with care, knowledge, and compassion (and she also replies EXTREMELY quick).

She recognizes that everyone is different, therefore has to find “their own way” to long-term weight loss. So her flexible and realistic program enabled me to do just that.

Her healthy recipesare absolutely wonderful, but the bonus was saving me about 20-30 minutes per night, not only because they’re super easy, but I cook one dish for all of us because my kids love them!

Also the online meal planning software saved me even more time by creating shopping list… and even letting me customize the recipes to just 3 servings (which you never see as the standard serving size!).

I didn’t need to lose a lot of weight, but I’ve Lost A Total Of 5 Pounds So Far (2 Pounds During The 10 Day Challenge And 3 More Pounds Since).

But for me, it was as much about saving time, learning new weight loss strategies (and quick/healthy recipes), and changing my lifestyle in a realistic way that would stand the test of time.

But also it does feel very empowering that I now have the confidence that I won’t gain back the weight because my healthy lifestyle fits so well into busy schedule.

I’m now enjoying more time with my kids at meal-time because I’m not hovering over the stove for so long.

Thanks Lisa – you are awesome and I’m couldn’t be happier that I discovered your program!

Dr. Gila AckermanPsychiatristBoulder, CO