Lisa Shanken is a Certified Health Coach, Healthy Cooking Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, and Corporate Wellness Specialist.  She has provided private one-on-one nutrition counseling, private cooking instruction, fitness training, supermarket tours, and healthy cooking classes since 2001. She also helps companies build and enhance their in-house corporate wellness programs to increase employee satisfaction and lower insurance costs.

Lisa believes in customizing health and wellness strategies to fit each individual’s lifestyle. Rather than promoting “quick-fix” diets that inevitably fail, Lisa created the Kill the Diet philosophy of teaching nutrition, fitness, and healthy cooking to ensure lifelong healthy living and balance. 

Her specialties include permanent and healthy weight loss as well as treating eating disorders and disordered eating. Locally, she also works with with mental health clients with poor executive functioning and nutritional imbalances, by creating organization, structure, and systems through lifestyle mentoring techniques.

After receiving a B.S. at Cornell University, she then trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Natural Gourmet School, and Pratt Institute in New York City. She earned her personal training certification at the American Fitness Institute, and her Corporate Wellness certification from Vital Advantage Corporate Wellness Consulting. Lisa’s kitchen in Boulder, CO is always stocked because she loves to cook and to share her passion with her friends, husband and two (fussy eater!) children.


Lisa Shanken's passion is to help you live your healthiest and most harmonious life, but in a way that's realistic and practical for you as a unique individual on this planet. Her philosophy is all about “balance.” Balance is what leads to harmony, and ultimately to happiness…and isn’t happiness what we’re all seeking? Balance does not mean deprivation and guilt, because you can still indulge if you learn how to avoid over-indulgence.

To discover your natural balance, you need some tools and resources:

  • You need a roadmap so you know where you’re going.
  • You need a blueprint so you know what to do.
  • You need a guide to show you how to do it, hold you accountable…and be your biggest fan and cheerleader during your quest!

Tri-Wellness is all of the above and integrates the three essential pillars of wellness:

  1. Nutrition - Helping you tweak your food choices…so you can still enjoy your favorites without deprivation or guilt.
  2. Fitness - Helping you customize an ideal fitness plan that you actually enjoy.
  3. Healthy Cooking - Helping you learn (or sharpen) healthy cooking skills…that will still have everyone asking for seconds!

She always had a personal passion for all three of these areas, which led to my formal training as an Accredited Health Consultant at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. However, as she grew her one-on-one nutrition consulting practice, she observed the vital connection among these in forming the core foundation for transformational and lifelong change. On the flipside, when any pillar is missing or incomplete…the entire structure is weakened or destroyed! So she rounded out her culinary skills at the Natural Gourmet School and Pratt Institute, and then obtained her personal training certification from the American Fitness Institute. Her foundation was complete…and Tri-Wellness was born!

But it’s not about her – it’s about helping you adopt a balanced approach to wellness so you achieve a harmonious balance in your life. In her fourteen years of experience, she assures you that anyone can learn these skills and strategies. So even if you can’t boil water, or read a nutrition label, or own a pair of running shoes...you can do this. Tri-Wellness works. Tri-Wellness is life-changing. Tri-Wellness is fun! Try wellness the Tri-Wellness way and discover how to build your foundation! You’ll be amazed at the results.

- Gene P.

Lisa, You have been a very positive role model for me! Through the exercise and diet I’m becoming healthy and more positive about my life!!! Thanks!
Melissa B


Tri-Wellness will help you discover your ideal mix of nutrition, fitness and healthy cooking to achieve balance and happiness in your life with fun and juicy offerings...


Let’s explore how we can enhance your employees’ health, increase your company’s bottom line… with you being the star for making it happen!


As a Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and huge live music fan, Lisa Shanken is uniquely qualified to program a full range of awesome wellness activities for your festival.