Executive Functioning Coaching

  • Find and excel in a career you love
  • Feel comfortable, organized, and tidy in your living space.
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Personal Tri-Wellness

  • Shop with confidence, armed with the knowledge you need to support your healthy lifestyle (while also maximizing your budget).
  • Individual Nutrition Counseling Sessions
  • Fix your leaky gut, therefore boosting immune strength, brain power, and energy levels.
  • Achieve your weight loss goals... permanently.
  • Heal your illnesses through food.
  • Transform your diet so you look and feel great… while still indulging in your favorite foods.
  • Create a customized (and realistic) nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals.
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Corporate Tri-Wellness

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Festival Wellness Program

  • Delight your highest value crowd with special VIP wellness offerings.
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About Lisa Shanken

My passion is for you to live your healthiest and most harmonious life, but in a way that's realistic and balanced for you as a unique individual on this planet.

Balance leads to harmony, and harmony leads to happiness…and isn’t happiness what we’re all seeking?

Tri-Wellness works. Tri-Wellness is life-changing. Tri-Wellness is fun!

Try wellness the Tri-Wellness way and discover how to create your foundation for health, wellness, and happiness.

Certified Health Counselor

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Yoga Instructor

Executive Functioning Coach

Healthy Cooking Instructor

Corporate Wellness Specialist

Founder of Tri-Wellness


Danielle D, Great Neck, NY

Lisa’s weight loss plan really gave me a new insight to healthy eating and living. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2015. Healthy living/easting/exercise has become very important to me and my family and this program really helped me get even more on the course with this and helped me lose weight.

Danielle D

Dr. Gila Ackerman, PsychiatristBoulder, CO

When I heard about the 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit, since as a physician, I understand nutrition and health (and therefore knew the dangers of fad diets, etc…), and I do my best to exercise (though not always enough).

But as a single mother of 2, it’s still very challenging ti “fit in all in” (including cooking healthy meals for my children) due to my busy schedule. And when my time is short, bad habits crop up and weight gain follows.

Dr. Gila Ackerman

Chessie F, Boulder, CO

Lisa has made an enormous contribution to my health and strength.

I have seen and felt the most fantastic changes in an amazingly short time.

Chessie F

Colby E, Boulder, Colorado

I just wanted to say you were amazing through this 10 day process!

I learned so much from you! You were very thorough in all areas of the challenge and got back to us in such a quick manner with our questions.

It was a great jump start into a more healthy life style that’s for sure!

Colby E

Phyliss S, Spring House, PA

I LOVE the recipes, simple, few ingredients, appealing.

I like the idea of using the list of staples you provided when i was tempted to cheat!

Phyliss S

Ali S., Boulder, CO

I worked with Lisa to develop a holistic wellness plan that has allowed personal growth without having to completely change my lifestyle. Her programs are designed around your personal needs, so I always feel like I've gotten the most from my sessions and leave with manageable goals. Lisa's three-prong approach to wellness (fitness, nutrition and health) is helping me live a balanced and grateful life.

Ali S