The Work-Life Mix: Your Answer To Stress

By Arkhe Salcedo | Healthy Weight Loss

For so long, women in particular have been told to find a balance between work, home life, and attending to our own well-being. That pressure to "balance" attention can be misguided, and  can actually add stress to your daily life! Instead of thinking about "balance," perhaps the best way to optimize all areas of your life is to find your personal life "mix." This idea is the cornerstone of the Women In The Mix organization, who is hosting a seminar in Denver on April 20th on how to find your mix. I am excited to be both an attendee and a sponsor of this event, and even more excited to see your faces in the crowd with me... and learning alongside me!

If you're ready to learn more about my personal de-stressing tactics that help me find a better work-life mix, you're in the right place! Check out my video above for some great tips to tide you over until the Denver seminar.