Tri-Wellness Support Pods

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What is a Pandemic Pod?

Pandemic Pods, or Micro-Schools, are organized groups of students who gather together in private homes or offices where they collectively study from their school district’s online curriculum. Typically, kids from different families gather under the supervision of a teacher or tutor hired by the parents. These groups help students navigate online schooling by providing a place for guidance, social interaction, and support from both peers and an adult advisor.

Tri- Wellness Support-Pod Concept

We will help create, manage, and supervise pods ranging from 4-8 students in or near the same grade level. Typically meeting 2 to 3 times a week, our pods will offer a place for focused productivity in a supportive environment that will allow for safe and responsible social interactions. Different from a typical learning pod that strictly follows the school district's curriculum, our focus will be to help students with organization, procrastination, scheduling, planning, teacher communications, wellness, and personal accountability. Our Support Pods will be a safe space for students to share experiences and learn positive habits and approaches from one another.

Our Pods will consist of 4-8 students and meet 2-3 times a week.

Each of our pods will have different focuses. We will offer the following:

Learning and Support Pod: Help students become successful with online school in groups of 4-6 students

  • Assist in creating healthy study habits and stay current with coursework
  • Allow for responsible social interaction
  • Help to complete homework and keep grades up
  • Problem solve issues arising from the online school platform
  • Provide academic support
  • Offer accountability both in school and elsewhere

College Counseling and Prep: Helps students apply and prepare for college in groups of 4-6 students

  • Assist with personal essays
  • Help complete college applications
  • SAT and ACT preparation
  • Identify and apply for appropriate scholarships

Fitness and Wellness: Staying healthy and getting physical exercise is essential for concentration, mood, and good old fun. These pods will consist of 4-8 kids doing activities together in a socially distanced and safe environment and will include:

  • Yoga and Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • Creating independently healthy habits
Call (917-453-3202) or email ( to join a pod today. You can also bring your own pod of students to us!