Spring Self-Inventory

By Lisa Shanken | Healthy Living

Hello Spring

Spring is upon us (yay!), and it’s a time of new beginnings and growth. During this time, I always like to do a self inventory check, so I wanted to share my strategy on this and encourage you to do it as well.


Spring Self-Inventory Check

My spring self-inventory check has 5 components to it, and it helps me to see where I feel satisfied, and where I would like to grow more in both my physical and emotional health. The most important thing when you do this self-inventory check is to NOT judge yourself. This is about rebirth and growth, not negative self-talk. We are all coming out of an extremely challenging year, so be gentle with yourself.

Feedback and Accountability

I strongly encourage you to reply to this email and share your spring self-inventory with me. I would love to hear how you are doing. If you would like any feedback or suggestions on how to improve and grow in certain areas, please let me know. Sharing and connecting in this personal way can be so healing for the rebirth that comes with spring!

Spring Self-Inventory Components:

Below are the 5 components of my spring self-inventory check:

Component #1 - Mood

How have I been feeling lately, compared to 6 months ago. What emotions and feelings pop into my head these days? How have I been doing with regulating my mood and reacting to my surroundings and the people in my life?

Component #2 - Exercise Regiment

Have I been following a consistent exercise regiment, and if not, do I want to start one? Do I want to change my current exercise regiment? What does my exercise regiment do for me - benefits, drawbacks?

Component #3 - Diet/Food Choices

Have I been making healthy food choices? Have I been over indulging? Am I satisfied with my current diet? If not, why am I not satisfied with my diet? Has my diet changed over the past few months, and if so why and how? What changes would I like to make?

Component #4 - Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Have I been making lifestyle choices that promote a healthy and happy life? For instance, balance between work and play, brain-stimulating activities or too much time on screens, connecting with friends and family enough, spending time outside, practicing mindfulness? How is my sleep routine? In what areas am I satisfied in my life and what areas could use improvement?

Component #5 - Executive Function Skills

How am I doing in my life with things like staying organized and tidy? Am I managing my time well, completing all of my tasks, remembering my responsibilities? How am I doing with these skills now compared to 6 months or a year ago?

Remember that no one is perfect and everyone has room for improvement in their lives. Good support, your own desire, and someone else to help with accountability can help you reach new goals. Just keep reaching for them!