Should the “3 Day Diet” See the Light of Day?

By Lisa Shanken | Blog

Avoid high sodium meat packed with preservatives

I make a point to keep abreast of every fad diet around, and I was alarmed to find yet another terrible diet is on the march: the 3-day diet [1]. This awful diet causes the person to eat small breakfasts and lunches, which is fine, but then tells you to consume a cup of ice cream or two beef franks along with dinner! The portions are just ridiculous, and it looks like anyone on this diet must want to starve during the daytime and then stuff him or herself at night. Which is not the point of a diet, especially with heart disease on the rise, since the last thing we need is more sodium from preserved meat such as beef franks.

The second biggest flaw in the 3-day diet is that it tells you to drink four glasses of water a day [1]. You need more water than that, and it's really too bad that water's role in successful dieting is often neglected. Water is one of the easiest ways to feel full without packing on the pounds - or even becoming sluggish and slow during your workday [2]. Water keeps your system running smoothly, helps prevent headaches and helps keep your kidneys running in tip-top shape, resulting in better fat-burning metabolism.

My advice is to not follow the 3-day diet, and instead stick to the basics of healthy eating. Contact your local nutritional counselor for a proper consultation. Most people have specific requirements, such as a history of diabetes in the family, or lactose intolerance, so it’s really worth getting expert advice on a diet tailored exactly to your needs.

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