Let Your Seasonal Spring Recipes Bloom!

By Lisa Shanken | Kill The Diet

Seasonal eating is high on my list of priorities to help your body stay healthy and maintain its natural rhythms. The beginning of spring is my favorite time of year because it means we have a nice long period ahead of us where the weather is starting to change and will only get warmer and warmer. I LOVE the warm weather, and I especially love seeing the tree buds starting to grow into leaves and the tulips starting to pop up through the soil! I always find it exciting because I know so much warmth, fun and outdoor activities are all in sight!!

I also love early spring cooking! I’ve been working on some new stuff in my kitchen just for this season. It’s time to ween off some of the warming foods and cooking techniques like roasting root vegetables and bulking up your body with heavier soups and stews. Instead, we can start introducing lighter soups and lighter cooking methods like sautéing and light steaming. We will start to introduce early spring vegetables such as fresh peas, snap peas, artichokes, asparagus, and of course always include dark leafy greens.

So today I want to share my latest creations with you. As always, each of these recipes are super healthy, require less than 30 minutes of prep time, and of course, are absolutely delicious!!! I decided to “healthify” a creamy asparagus soup by creating a dairy free version, substituting the cream with light coconut milk, and adding extra flavor with natural lemon juice. It came out absolutely amazing - restaurant quality - as my husband said. You can find the recipe by clicking this link.

Next up, spring peas! My husband and I were once on vacation, and the hotel served this delicious dish of peas and goat cheese. I decided to change it up a bit and add some mint and lemon, and it is now one of our favorite spring appetizers! I takes less than 10 minutes to make and is a crowd pleaser, so become the star of your own kitchen with this recipe.

And lastly, the other day I was in this big Asian supermarket. It’s a pretty amazing place because they have the most insane produce section with tons of fresh greens and varieties of amazing mushrooms that you can’t find in regular supermarkets or natural grocery stores.

I love going there and always feel inspired after I am done with my shopping. I bought a ton of fresh Chinese broccoli, which is a much darker and leafier green than normal broccoli, full of calcium and vitamins K and C. To me, this simple dish of sautéd Chinese broccoli with garlic is the epitome of early spring. As you sauté the vegetable, it turns from a dull green to a fantastic bright green, it has a crunchy sweet and refreshing taste, and it just makes you feel energized and ready to take on the day. Try cooking it in your kitchen and let me know if you feel the same energy after you eat it! Click here for the full recipe.

Please check in with me at the community forum at LisaShanken.com here to share your own spring recipes or let me know how you liked the ones in this blog post!