Retrain Your Brain

By Lisa Shanken | Healthy Living

Retain Your Brain

If you have ever experienced anxiety, you know that it can balloon out of control quickly and affect you both mentally and physically. The good news is that through the study of neuroscience and technology, scientists and doctors have discovered various ways in which you can retrain your brain to cope better with anxiety before it spirals out of control and leads to panic.

One such approach is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which teaches skills to help change the pattern of anxious thoughts. Studies show that CBT outperforms all other treatments for anxiety disorders.

This month, as post-pandemic life resumes to normal, and many people are experiencing some “re-entry” anxiety, I want to take this opportunity to suggest a wonderful book that helps with anxiety coping mechanisms and CBT tools called Rewire Your Anxious Brain By Catherine M. Pittman, PhD. This book offers wonderful tools and tips on how to reduce your anxiety permanently.

Before purchasing, I want to share an article that summarizes one of my favorite parts of the book in Chapter 2, which you can find by clicking HERE. You’ll find great descriptions of some of my very favorite CBT tools such as how to use your 5 senses in a mindful way to reduce panic and anxiety, visualization techniques, and insight into your own personal anxiety.

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the article. Let me know what’s working for you! As always, I am here to support in any way I can.