Om Brew Event + Benefits of Yoga

By Lisa Shanken | Healthy Living

I am thrilled to announce a super fun upcoming event on Aug 8th at 11am called Om Brew. Brought to you by Tri-Wellness and Upslope Brewing, please join us in the back of Upslope's Flatiron location for a 1 hour socially distanced outdoor vinyasa flow yoga class, followed by a free pint of your choice from the Upslope tap room. Space is limited! To purchase tickets and get more information, please click HERE.

I am a tremendous advocate of yoga. Aside from being a certified instructor, my own yoga practice is essential for to me to feel physically and mentally healthy and grounded, avoid injury doing other types of exercise, and to stay limber...and those are just my personal anecdotes!

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has been well studied. The National Institutes of Health published a great study discussing how yoga benefits mental health as a successful complimentary therapy. Yoga also has an enormous amount of physical benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving balance, helping to steady blood sugar, plus 35 other benefits discussed in this article from Yoga Journal.

Whether you have never taken a class or are an avid yogi, the Om Brew event will be a safe space for you to come and do some yoga. You can feel connected (from a safe distance) to community, move your body at your own pace, and have some fun! I hope to see you there!

Have a happy, healthy day!

Lisa Shanken

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P.S. The Om Brew event, in partnership with Upslope Brewing, will be held on August 8th at 11am. Space is limited so purchase your tickets HERE for your 1 hour yoga class plus a complimentary beer from Upslope's Flatiron tap room (food available for purchase).