Lisa’s Cookbook And Magazine Recommendations

By Lisa Shanken | Blog

There are thousands of cookbooks and magazines that discuss healthy food, recipes and other topics related to nutrition. There is no single title that provides all the knowledge needed to know about these vast subjects. Different practices and diet consideration will determine which cookbook or magazine is best for you.

Find Cookbooks & Magazines For Your Unique Taste

Take your time when buying a cookbook or magazine and choose those that will be most beneficial for your unique tastes and needs. Review all sections to make sure ingredients are available and that you like the cooking styles of the recipes. Also make sure that you have or intend to purchase the appliances and cooking tools you might need.

For those who are already adept at cooking, cookbooks and magazines may no longer be needed, but can be good references to obtain fresh methods and ideas.

My personal favorites are Vegetarian Times Cook Book and Cooks Country Magazine are recommended sources.

I also love anything by Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is Oprah Winfrey’s doctor . He has several books that cover a wide variety of subjects, including very healthy and excellent recipes.