How to Roast Bell Peppers (Until They’re Sweet, Soft and Oh-So Perfect)

By Lisa Shanken | Blog

Peppers are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Roasting a bell pepper seems to break all of the normal rules of cooking. You need to roast the pepper until it’s black and burnt, but once you peel away all the charred skin, a glorious treasure is revealed: sweet, soft and impeccably delicious. Red, orange and yellow peppers are best for this process..

Peppers Roasting on an Open Fire

First, remove the stem and innards of the pepper. Then, take your whole pepper and slice it into halves. You can then cook it directly over a flame or broiler with a pair of tongs. Be sure to turn it over ever so often so both sides are evenly cooked. When the skin chars evenly on all sides, turn off the heat and let it rest in a closed brown paper bag for a few minutes before rinsing it under cold water. The skin will easily slide off. Be careful though, as the pepper is Usually very hot. Too hot for bare hands, so use something to protect yourself when peeling the charred skin.

Storing Your Tasty Jewels

The roasted peppers will last for up to 3 weeks when placed inside the refrigerator. You can brush your vegetables with olive oil to seal in their flavor, and pop them in a sandwich with some turkey for a quick gourmet lunch.

Best Pepper Eating Methods

Instead of slicing the bell pepper in half, you can scoop out all the white innards or scrape it out with a small knife. That leaves you free to stuff the bell pepper with rice and vegetables, ground turkey and spices, or what ever you like. Most leftovers can be disguised in this fashion as bell peppers go with nearly anything, and pump up the nutritional value of meals since they’re rich in Vitamin C and carotenoids.

Got Something To Share?

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