Festival Wellness Program

Energize and Electrify Your Festival With Wellness

As a Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and huge live music fan, Lisa Shanken is uniquely qualified to program a full range of awesome wellness activities for your festival. 

What Do You Want To See At Your Festival?

My programming is designed to be consistent with the festival vibe, yet incorporate fresh and unique ideas to differentiate your festival in the increasingly competitive festival space. 

As I've done for several years at Vertex, Camp Bisco, and The Peach Music Festival, the key to a successful wellness program is customizing the program.

Following is a sampling of workshops and activities to consider including in your festival's wellness program.

Participants will have more fun, feel great, and maintain their stamina for a rigorous weekend of music and dancing!

Keep The Fans Limber & Loose

  • Deliver the benefits of stretching to fans, artists, and crew with short (5-10m), fun, and themed sessions.
  • Focus on the most punished areas during a festival (legs, back, and feet).
  • Designed to be unobtrustive on stage, during crew changeovers, and within the festival schedule.

Reenergize Fans During The Festival

  • 20-30 minute stretching and yoga workshops (different than morning yoga) held right before the music begins in the late afternoon
  • “On-the-floor” exercise classes to energize, but without using up too much energy 
  • Partner exercise/stretching class 
  • Family-friendly or adults-only stability ball drumming class

Promote A Healthy Festival Experience

  • How to stay hydrated during the festival
  • Cure your festival hangover through food and movement (can feature some of the food vendors) 
  • Quick, nourishing, and delicious recipes from Lisa's online recipe database you can make at the festival!

Whoop It Up With Fun & Friendly Competition!

  • Drip Drip Drop (Duck Duck Goose with water)
  • Kickball & Gaga
  • Retro-type relays and races, e.g. potato sack, Apache relay, etc...

Actively Discover Surrounding Natural Beauty

  • Women’s Only 5k
  • Men’s Only Warrior Dash
  • Costumed Races/Glow Races/Themed Races
  • 1 Mile Nighttime Glow Run

Help Fans Feel Their Best Before, During & After The Festival

  • Provide a 5 or 10 day email series leading up to the festival with daily preparation tips
  • How to prepare for the local environment, e.g. altitude, humidity, heat, etc…
  • Suggest healthy non-food items to pack, fitness tips, and stretching videos.

Pamper, Impress & Delight Your Highest Value Crowd

  • Provide even more value to VIP patrons with extra stretching sessions, workshops, and wellness classes
  • Offer stretching sessions to artists so they feel loose and energized before performing.
  • Create a VIP spa tent featuring stretching sessions, body/foot massages, essential oils, and other relaxing and rejuvenating services.
  • Special stretching and movement sessions for the crew and other employees to help them feel great and stay motivated and productive.

Don’t Miss Out On The
Most Innovative Mashup Trending At Festivals! 

  • An intense workout led by an instructor and backed by a rockin' live band
  • An amazing way to build community, wellness, and fun!
  • The very best way to start the day off at a festival!!
  • Shows music fans that the musicians, artists, and promoters endorse a healthy lifestyle and fitness regimen

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