Welcome To My Blog…And Eat Your Way To Health!

By Lisa Shanken | Blog

Hi! I’m Lisa and I am a nutritionist. My primary goal is to counsel families, together or individually, about proper nutrition.  I also teach cooking to exemplify how eating well can be easy and delicious. My interest in nutrition started in college, where I started learning and living healthier. When I became pregnant and then had my son, my focus turned to nutrition and families.  I now have 2 healthy children, and I believe my purpose in life is to teach my family and my clients how to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, cooking, and staying active.

Children Should Eat Healthy Food.

I work with parents and kids ranging in age from infants to teens, tackling a variety of issues such as weight loss, eating disorders, healthy and delicious quick meal prep, fussy toddlers/adolescents, and more.  My practice is based on a philosophy of instilling a customized, balanced diet of whole foods.  I am also a big believer that eating healthy does not mean depriving oneself of a delicious meal or stopping you from enjoying what you are eating.  You can still have your favorites like ice cream or French fries but there should be discipline. Moderation is the key to preventing over indulgence, as well as deprivation.

Overall, the key to a healthier and better life is balance.  I hope you enjoy my posts and encourage you to respond, interact, and reach out. I’m looking forward to your thoughts! Have a happy, healthy day!