Eat Smaller Food Portions To Help Lose Weight

By Lisa Shanken | Blog

As I mentioned in my previous post, moderation and balance is important to maintain in life. You may have resolved to lose weight, but you need to do it safely and naturally. To get started. you obviously need to control the amount of food that you eat. One way of doing this is to eliminate large, heaping portions on your plate during meals. Eating too much at one time will be hard for the stomach to take and digestion problems may result. This rule goes for diet food, too. Smaller amounts are better for the body and can therefore can help speed up the body’s metabolism.

Here are some tips to help change your habit of having big portions of food:

1. Use smaller plates at home. Small plates get easily filled up.

2. When you eat in restaurants where food servings are large, you can place a portion on your plate and have the rest wrapped or shared with your companions. Be conscious of what you are placing on your plate.

3. Never get seconds. This should be part of your resolution when trying to lose weight.

4. Eat slowly. This will make you feel fuller so you will not be tempted to eat more.

You may ask, “How small is a “smaller portion”? The guide here is to cut the serving in half. Once you develop the habit of eating half portions, you will slim down naturally.

Start making this happen in your life today! Not only will you lose weight naturally and easily, but you will also be more energized when you reach your ideal weight!

Please comment below with any other suggestions you have on how to control your portion size.