Diet Companies And What You Should Know About False Advertising

By Lisa Shanken | Dieting

Diet Companies And What You Should Know About False Advertising

Deceptive advertising and weight loss products (unfortunately) go hand in hand. Many products include intentionally misleading testimonials and marketing methods to sell their products, when in truth their products may be dangerous or provide no benefit. Customers flock to products seeking simple solutions, only to find their investment wasted.

But there is hope as diet companies get caught and penalized by the government for their deceptive practices. 

Two such diet companies are Sensa and HGC Diet Direct. Sensa, you may recall, was a diet product comprised of “sprinkles” placed on to food to create feeling fuller after a meal and encouraging weight loss. As it turns out, the weight loss claims touted by the brand in their marketing tactics, as well as the before and after pictures, were not accurate, ultimately leading to a $26.5 million payout by Sensa to its customers.

Not all of these class action lawsuit settlements work in the customer’s favor, however, like in the case of HGC Diet Direct. HGC claimed to market a human hormone supplement that could aid in weight loss, which were later found to be unfounded and misleading. But unlike Sensa, HGC was unable to pay the settlement, causing the judgment to be suspended (and customers being left only with a thinner wallet).

Beware Of Weight Loss "Miracle" Products

False advertising methods are rather common with diet companies, and 99.9% of “miracle” products result in (at best) disappointment and smaller bank accounts and (at worst) bodily damage to their customers.

Is life full of miracles? Yes!

But as a trained health coach with over 14 years of experience, I can tell you there are no miracles when it comes to weight loss.

Your path to losing weight (and more importantly - keeping it off forever) is a realistic approach based on applying proven nutrition, fitness and healthy cooking strategies to live a healthy lifestyle.

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